Some final reminders before the season starts on Sunday

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Some final reminders before the season starts on Sunday

Post by Trappets on Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:32 am

After 11:59 PM on Saturday, June 22nd expires...the following effects will take place:

1. Try-out contracts will expire
2. You cannot release players until they have been inactive for at least two weeks straight.
3. I will begin my search for TWO new team owners for season 2.

Some reminders:
1. I need evidence that the games were played. After each half/overtime, take a screenshot of the game's stat log and score.
2. For those managing games in private rooms: set cap limit to "no limits" and time to "10".
3. Owners: make sure to agree on game dates soon because I will be starting week 2 negotiations on Sunday. If you want you can schedule doubleheaders.

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