things you wish ur teammates knew

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things you wish ur teammates knew Empty things you wish ur teammates knew

Post by christine~*~*~*~* on Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:32 am

the gloryhole/DA GHOLE is the little room @ the bottom of the map full of powerups *do u think i'm stating the obvious* ((i'm not))

2 on offense 2 on defense (((generally)))))))))))) NVR 4 ON O 4 ON D THO AMEN

DON'T PUSH ME WHEN I'M DEFENDING i don't CARE if u think it's a better idea for them to get the flag first i'll do it if i m confident i can get it back or both of us can get it back also u r not prepared to take the flag back if ur pushing me so we're both basically doin nothing but fightin each other n i'm NOT used to it i DON'T like it i've lost the flag like this SO MANY TIMES n lost SO MANY GAMES i'm CRYING rn omG u GUYS
also when u spawn n u r headed for offense again n i'm busy with someone tryin to get the flag n u push me n they get the flag n udec that rly hurts my heart

take da fuckin powerups in base before the enemy does (((esp if it's boom cos defense doesn't need those but it's RLY FUCKIN GREAT ON O))))))))))))))))))

on koala guarding top button is p much something u always gotta do

ok ur turn bounce

whaddaya want from me
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things you wish ur teammates knew Empty Re: things you wish ur teammates knew

Post by &Berk on Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:36 pm

Never mess with christine's defense.

When I'm hovering near a gate with the flag, that's a cue for you to hit buttons. I know some players are still new and have no idea what's going on, but I'm talking towards some of the vets who are not paying attention or tunnel vision-ing on getting the flag themselves.


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