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Mumble and IRC Server Empty Mumble and IRC Server

Post by &Berk on Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:30 pm

Being on either of these when testing maps with other players is important to discussing the map as a group.

I am on Mumble almost everyday, along with Steppin, the host of the server! Thanks a lot for hosting this server, Steppin!

"Mumble" - High quality Voice Chat service:
1. DL the mumble client from

2. After you've installed it and gone through the basic setup, you'll want to connect to the server we use. You can do this by clicking on "Server" → "Connect". Then "Add New..." and enter:

Label: TagPro
Port: 64738

3. Then hit "OK" and then "Connect" and you are done!

IRC - Live internet group chat that prompts users when a map is being tested:


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