Free agents and owners, read this!

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Free agents and owners, read this! Empty Free agents and owners, read this!

Post by Trappets on Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:22 pm

If you are an owner, read this:

1. If you sign a player, you will add another player to your roster. If you already have 10 players, I will block the signing until you either release a player or rescind the signing.

2. If you want to temporarily add a player to your team, you can put him on a try-out contract. A try-out contract lasts until the start of the season. If you think he's good enough, you can sign him whenever you're ready. You can add as many players as you want on try-out contracts even if your roster is full. You cannot sign a player on a try-out contract if you already have 10 signed players on your roster.

3. You have the right to release any player up until the regular season starts.

4. You can post on the "League Marketplace" seeking trades with other owners or free agents.

If you are a free agent, read this:

1. You can post in the new "League Marketplace" forum if you are looking for a team.

2. If an owner posts that he has signed you (or is looking to sign you), you must either confirm or reject it.

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